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Perimeter lights, flood lights, apapi system, radio control, illuminated wind cone, low intensity obstruction light, deep bases, complete spares package.
Isolating transformers 45W,150W, 200W 6.6A, runway side lights with embodied transformer, primary cable connectors, secondary cable connectors, complete portable lighting spare packages, elevated runway lights, elevated taxiway lights, inset runway lights, inset runway end lights, inset threshold lights, inset approach lights, elevated approach lights, elevated runway end lights, elevated threshold lights, obstrustion lights, CCR spares, RTIL spares, heliport lighting spares, lamps for elevated lights, lamps for inset lights, lamps for beacons, lenses, primary cables, secondary cables.
Elevated runway end lights, elevated runway edge lights, approach inset and elevated lights, transformers 200W/6.6A, primary connectors, secondary cables, constant current regulators, steel containers and base plates FAA-L-867 and L-868, spare breakable couplings, spare lenses.
Elevated taxiway lights, elevated high intensity runway lights, elevated threshold & runway end lights, approach elevated lights, approach inset lights, isolating transformers, secondary cable connectors, primary cable connectors, deep bases for inset - elevated lights, constant current regulator, control desk with fiber optics, high intensity rotating beacon, airport flashing light, illuminated wind cones, papi, RTIL.
Isolating transformers, constant current regulator, secondary cables, papi.
Isolating transformers, primary connectors, secondary connectors, elevated taxiway lights, obstruction lights.
Complete portable, radio controlled lighting system with batteries, comprising of: radio control system, battery chargers, runway side lights, taxiway lights, runway end lights, threshold lights, illuminated signs with internal light, constant current regulators, hight intensity rotating beacon, 220V, 50Hz, isolating transformers, primary connectors.
Constant current regulators, isolating transformers, primary cable connectors, elevated taxiway lights, inset taxiway lights, elevated high intensity runway lights, elevated medium intensity runway lights, threshold inset lights, elevated medium intensity edge lights, elevated perimeter heliport lights, elevated medium intensity edge-threshold lights, deep base for inset – elevated lights, illuminated wind cones, control desk.
Elevated taxiway lights, steel containers and base plates FAA-L-867, transformers 45W, 6.6A, primary connectors, spare breakable couplings, spare lamps 45W, 6.6A, constant current regulator.
Runway end lights, elevated taxiway lights, elevated runway edge lights, inset threshold lights, transformers 200W, 6.6A, transformers 150W, 6.6A, primary connectors.
Flood lights, constant current regulator, illuminated wind cone.
Inset perimeter lights, illuminated wide cone.
Elevated perimeter lights, illuminated wide cone.
Secondary cable connector, isolating transformers, illuminated wind cones.

High indensity rotating beacon, 220V, 50Hz.

Complete portable PAPI radio controlled systems with trailer and generator, approach inset and elevated lights, transformers and connectors, deep bases for inset and elevated lights, secondary cable connectors, deep bases, shallow bases. - Bottom info - Home 3 Section

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